We are inviting applications from individuals and organizations who can provide us with guidance, and technical support as we carry out our mission to train the next generation of tech innovators and entrepreneurs. Advisory Board members share their talents and energy by providing Codewit with their professional expertise; their knowledge of diverse perspectives and their connections to local and international resources, colleagues and peers.

Advisory Board members serve for one-year term, that can be renewed for another year. In addition to individual work and advisement, the Advisory Board meets twice a year with Codewit management team either in person or by telephone.


The board of advisors support the Codewit team.

They are paid yearly allowances. This is decided by the Executive Chair of the Board of Directors of CODEWIT in collaboration with the Chairman of the Board of Advisors.


  • Passionate about Africa and the economic prosperity of the continent
  • Passionate about technology, production and human resource development
  • Have a successful business in any continent.
  • Must be willing to share experience, contact, finance, and expertise to help CODEWIT grow
  • Interested in helping people access educational and job opportunities in local and international jurisdictions

Role Description:

  • Understand CODEWIT programs, aims, structure, strategy and execution.
  • Understand the financial operations of the organization and relevant financial issues it faces.
  • Participate in initiatives designed to review the ongoing direction of CODEWIT and help frame its strategic plans for the future.
  • Monitor the implementation of strategic plans. It supports the Executive Director and the management team in such areas as financial support, operation flow, planning and resource allocation
  • Provide an external perspective that will inform the Executive Director, and management to help shape priorities.
  • Draw on their experience, education, and give of their time, financial support, and expertise for the benefit of the greater CODEWIT community, Africa, and the world at large.
  • Identify potential friends, prospective stakeholders, and highly motivated Global leaders who have the capability for substantial financial support. Assist the Executive director and management in cultivating and soliciting these and other potential donors and investors; actively supporting fundraising efforts.
  • Ensure the continued strength and vitality of CODEWIT
  • Will take on a specific role in shaping the future of CODEWIT through its advocacy on behalf of the organization within the business community, understanding of the market pace both locally and internationally, and assisting the organization in pursuing global, continental and national relevance.
  • Help the management team understand the board’s perspective on his or her strengths and limitations
  • Provide direction for specific improvement in skills and performance. The board of advisors evaluate the board of directors’ performance and management team.

    Codewit mentors support the students who enroll with Codewit. They provide guidance and advice drawing on their experience, expertise and network.


    • Must have 3 to 4 years experience operating in the tech industry
    • Passionate about Africa and development of human resource
    • Willing to share experience, expertise, contacts and guidance with mentors

    Role Description:

    • Are paired with at least one mentee for a minimum of 6 months.
    • Must be willing to dedicate 2 to 4 hours a month to meet with your mentee for the first 6 months at a suitable time.
    • Attends biannual meetings organized to assess progress over the period.
    • Must be willing to provide direction for specific improvement in skills and performance of your mentee
    • Provide suggestions and advice on goals and activities that might lead to rewarding opportunities
    • Give feedback or advice to your mentee
    • Identify potential friends and prospective stakeholders who have the capability for substantial support; helping to build a strong network for your mentee
    • Develops mutual trust and respect while maintaining the confidentiality of the relationship