Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can i apply for the Diploma in programming ?
You can apply online here. Apply
After applying what next?
Once you have filled our online application, expect to hear back from us in 72 hours.

You will be invited to attend a bootcamp at any of our centres in Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi, Lagos or you can take it online

The Coding BootCamp is 65GHC or 5, 000 Naira for physical attendance and $10 on our online platform.
Why do i have to take the BootCamp?
We need to know you have the courage to stay through our 9 months intensive program. The course is hard by design. You will be expected to submit a mini project every week. The only way we can tell if you can take our Diploma program is by going through our 3 hour long, one day program.
What courses do we cover at the Bootcamp?
Introduction to the Web, HTML & CSS
Do we have to pay anything before we start the course?
Yes you have to pay
  • $10, GHC65, ₦ 5,000 for the bootcamp,
  • $100/500ghc/₦ 33, 000as the admission fee.
  • You don't pay the tuition fee of GHC 12, 000/₦785,000/$2,200 upfront. You only pay this in installments when we get you a job
What is the tuition fee for the Diploma in Programming course??

GHC 12, 000/785,000 Naira/$2,200. Relax! You only pay this when we get you a job.

Do you offer certificates after completion?
We offer unaccredited nano diplomas. It is valid for employment and proof of skill. We intend to transition into full fledged diploma and degree awarding institution in the future
What percentage of my salary do i have to pay back monthly?
Between 5-15% depending on the total monthly salary.
What is the salary range of the job a successful candidate would get?
Monthly Salary between $800-2,500
When is the program starting?
  • November 26, 2019 in Accra
  • December in Kumasi & Takoradi
  • January 2020 in Lagos, Nigeria
How many days a week do i have to attend class?
Once a week. Mostly on Saturday. Class is 3 hours long. You will have to complete 2 hours of online materials as well every day of the week for five days. Total class time: 13 hours weekly.
Can i take the entire class online?
Yes, you can take the entire course online. Total class time is 16 hours weekly.
Can we download the tutorials and watch later?
Yes, the tutorials are available for download on our online platform.
For those taking the course online, do we have to join a live class session?
No, the videos are pre-recorded so you don't have to join a live class. You can take the course at your convenience, but get the opportunity to join our slack channel to ask questions, submit assigments and contribute to conversations.
Can i take the bootcamp online?
Yes, you can. Once you apply you get a link to take our online bootcamp.
If i already know HTML & CSS do i still have to take the bootcamp?
It is mandatory for everyone interested in our diploma program. Even for those taking our python track.